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Section of maxillofacial and plastic surgery oriented at facial form and size normalization, position and relation of jaws

Orthognathic surgery

Об ортогнатике

Bite – jaws relation and jaws determine facial anatomy. Malocclusion affects facial features differently. At the same time, there are various options of disproportions, which are of great aesthetic importance.

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Distal bite

Excessive standing of the upper jaw and upper lip

Concave profile, small upper lip or not expressed, the contour of the lower jaw and chin is clear

Excess of soft tissue in the mandible, missing supporting structures and bone contours of the mandible and chin

Mesial bite

Excessive standing of the lower jaw and lower lip in relation to the upper jaw.

Bite correction requires the participation of various specialists. It is hard to imagine a surgeon, who deals with orthognathic surgery alone. Only tough cooperation with an orthodontist, dental orthopedist, implantologist allows receiving stable and aesthetic results. Patient preparation – complex system of actions aimed at normalizing the functions of the dental system, the work of the facial muscles, aligning of the dentition.

We will explain in detail about the preparation for surgery and the rehabilitation process. You will know about each step of your treatment and possible nuances. The focus will be on two main areas: orthodontics and surgery, as this is my main specialty.

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Patients who are sent by the orthodontist for a consultation, should bring the plaster model of the jaw, orthopantomogram (OPG) and a side teleroentgenogram (TRG) or a computerized tomography (CT) scan.

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