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Chin Wing

The feature of this genioplasty is that not only the lower edge of the chin area of the lower jaw is put forward, but also the entire lower edge.

There are two types of the chin wing genioplasty: short and long chin wing.


- If the cut is made before the place of attachment of the masticatory (chewing) muscle, and angle of the jaw remains in the previous position – it is a short chin wing;


- If the cut is made to the back edge and the place of the attachment of the chewing muscle is movable – this is a long chin wing. It gives more noticeable and expressed aesthetic result due to the increase of the angle of the projection of the jaw. However, the long chin wing is possible not in all cases, which with the relief of the bone in the area of the angle of the lower jaw.

To see chin wing genioplasty on CT scan and long-term results you can on the following link.

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