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- Chin correction for changing size, shape and proportions enhancing.

There are no scars on the face as genioplasty is carried out through intraoral access along the mucous membrane of the mouth vestibule. The purpose of genioplasty is to create harmony between the face and chin area.


With implants:

In my practice I use the MEDPOR (USA) or Ekoflon (Russia) implants, there are small differences between them. The choice depends on the initial situation: if there were no injuries or primary surgeries, then I use MEDPOR. If there were injuries, fractures, asymmetry and other tricks, then the implant is made individually, and it will be Ekoflon.

With porous implants MEDPOR/Ekoflon degenerative bone changes are almost not expressed. No noticeable changes are observed either in the chin projection or on the x-ray. The porous implant does not behave like a foreign body, it does not penetrate into the bone, and it acquires a capsule from the patient’s own tissues.

I consider the installation of silicone on the bone surface a bad idea. According to my research, there is resorption of bone tissue: gradually the implant is embedded in the bone and causes erosion. The result is unstable, as under silicone the chin will shrink over time.

Plastic surgery in bones:

With the use of bone genioplasty, one can both reduce the chin and increase it. A fragment of own bone is cut off, and then it is rearranged in the proper position. Plastic surgery in bones allows correcting congenital and acquired deformations.

Cases, when it is impossible to replace the installation of implants with bone plastic surgery, are rare. It is unachievable to perform surgery with a very large lack of own bone: after previously performed implantation, when erosion consumed the bone, maxillofacial surgeries associated with the removal of cysts and tumors, untreated teeth and a large loss of bone.

What is the difference?

The implant installation and bone plastic surgery are polar opposites.

A fundamental difference in terms of rejuvenation. Implant – a patch on the front surface of the jaw.

In the bone plastic surgery, we make a cut and put forward a bone fragment, the shape of the chin and lower lip is changed, the front surface of the neck: tissues are stretched emphasizing the submandibular and sub-chin areas, which eliminates the flabbiness of the neck and the appearing second chin.

Second advantage: the cut is carried out in the area of the patient’s jowls. When the bone fragment is put forward, the jowls are redistributed. An implant of any size will not give such a result. In the bone plastic surgery, the place of attachment of soft tissues is less injured and it clearly follows the bone – it gets stretched. An excess of skin will be reduced slightly in the case of implant installation.


After the installation of implant, a capsule is formed around it and it requires about 6 months. Regardless of the material of the implant, the capsule is growing half a year as it is a biological law. But in the bone plastic surgery the only foreign body is a screw embedded in the bone. Even the bone plastic surgery takes a longer time, it does not leave anything which can irritate tissues and the rehabilitation goes faster.


The comparative analysis of two options of genioplasty – implantation and bone plastic surgery shows the advantages of the latter in the vast majority of parameters: speed of rehabilitation, naturalness and stability of results, frequency and severity of complications. All this allows us to accept the high effectiveness of bone genioplasty. And it is the reason why I opt for bone plastic surgery in my practice.


In case of installation of implant swelling of the chin area lasts for a long time as the foreign body causes lymphostasis and scarring.

Recommendation after the surgery is the same as for bone plastic surgery and for implant installation cases. In the morning after the surgery we have the post-operative review: we take off the bandage and remove the drainage. The numbness of the chin and lower lip persists for several weeks; The sensitivity will be returning while healing.

The first time after the surgery a patient has to eat warm liquid and mushy food, nothing hot and solid. An increase in body temperature, uneven bruises and swelling are norms. If a patient follows recommendations and attends rehabilitation procedures, then he or she will get back to his usual lifestyle faster.


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