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Facial Contouring

It is a set of interventions targeted to the correction of a projection of any part of the face determined by the protrusion of the bone structures – facial contours. The surgery is performed with bone plastic surgery or with the use of implants.

The zygomatic and frontal bones, the lower jaw and nose play a significant role in the perception of the face as an aesthetically attractive part. Therefore, when carrying out the facial contouring, the following surgeries mainly take place:

- Mandibular plastic surgery of the lower jaw: reduction/increase of the mandibular angles, change of the shape of the chin or lower jaw;

- Frontoplasty – the plastic surgery of the forehead performed to reduce the protruding brow lines defining the aesthetic contour of the brow areas;

- Rhinoplasty – the plastic surgery of the nose;

- Malarplasty – plastic surgery of the zygomatic bones.

But this is only the part of manipulations.

The reduction of a certain area is done by the movement of the bones or removal of the bone fragments, increase – by own tissues or with the use of implants.

Plastic surgery of the lower jaw

The resection of the angles of the lower jaw is extremely effective in terms of affecting facial features and does not have any alternatives in this regard. The elimination of sharply defined corners helps to get rid of the «square» jaw, the face acquires smooth rounded shape. A combination of the chin and angles of the lower jaw plastic surgery – mandibuloplasty – allows reaching the greatest changes of the contours of the lower part of the face which helps too radically change the proportions of the whole face in one intervention.

Frontoplasty – forehead plastic surgery

Not the most common, yet very effective intervention. Often the frontoplasty is performed to patients with expressed relief of the frontal bone.

The fact is that the anterior wall of the frontal sinus has a convex shape and appears as an outside thickening – brow arches.

Aesthetically, it is perceived as a rude and unfriendly look.

Also, the indication for the surgery is the desire to change the shape of the forehead, reduce or increase its height.


Malarplasty – a collective concept that includes a great number of manipulations to correct the zygomatic area: surgeries to increase and decrease the cheekbones.

The aesthetic effect of increasing the cheekbones is obtained both by soft tissue correction and by manipulations with the supporting tissues.

In the first case – fillers and fat (lipofilling) injection, moving of local tissues: the fat part of the cheek and buccal fat pads. Such surgeries give temporary moderately expressed effect.

Manipulations with the supporting tissues give a stable long-lasting effect. This is like bone plastic surgery, as well as implantation. The bone plastic surgery is possible in two options: increase of projection – augmentation and decrease – reduction.

Contour plasty is part of plastic surgery, which keep attention for long time. The main reason is in huge aesthetic effect with stabile result from this operations or combination of some operations performed simultaneously. Actually, there’re no alternative method for solution this type of problems.

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