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It is the correction of the lower jaw for reduction and increase of the mandibular angles, change of form and size of the lower jaw, and its width; for the elimination of congenital and acquired defects. The main aim – to enhance the aesthetics of the lower third part of the face and neck.


  • Reduction of angles of the lower jaw and chin

  • Increase of the lower jaw

  • Change of the form of the lower jaw

1. Chin – symmetry and the value of the distance between the chin protrusions (chin width).​


2. Chin body – length, the form of the lower contour (linearity), symmetry, the value of the angle of deviation from the middle line.

It is corrected by the reconstructive orthognathic surgeries, during which there is an elongation/shortening of the body or a branch of the jaw. The question of correction of the contour of the lower jaw arises in cases of significant deformation, which can be in the form of a bulge or concavities.


3. Jaw angle – the value of the angle, symmetry, severity of the protrusion of the angle of the jaw.

The reduction of the angle of the jaw can be carried out with the resection of the bone or with the installation of the implant. In cases of injuries or congenital deformations, when it comes to increasing the angle of the lower jaw, the implant should be at least individualized and adjusted to the shape of the stereolithographic model of the patient. As a maximum – individually made based on the patient’s computerized tomography (CT) scan.


4. Branch of the mandible – length, angle, symmetry.

Resection of the angles of the lower jaw is extremely effective in terms of affecting facial features and does not have alternatives in this regard. The elimination of sharply defined angles eliminates from the «square» jaw, the face acquires a smooth rounded shape. A combination of plastic surgery of the chin and angles of the lower jaw (mandibuloplasty) allows achieving the greatest changes of the contours of the lower area of the face which helps to radically change proportions of the entire face in one intervention.


The first day after the surgery the fixing bandage around the face will be imposed. It is necessary in order to reduce swelling. It is possible that a fixing bandage will be required for several days after the surgery – it is individual and the decision of wearing the bandage or not will be decided after the review of the patient.

The uneven bruises and swelling, moderate tenderness of the lower jaw, partial numbness, difficulty eating are possible. All this is connected with the rehabilitation and will gradually disappear within a couple of weeks.

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