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Malarplasty – a collective concept that includes a great number of manipulations to correct the zygomatic area: surgeries to increase and decrease the cheekbones.

The aesthetic effect of increasing the cheekbones is obtained both by soft tissue correction and by manipulations with the supporting tissues.

In the first case – fillers and fat (lipofilling) injection, moving of local tissues: the fat part of the cheek and buccal fat pads. Such surgeries give temporary moderately expressed effect.

Manipulations with the supporting tissues give a stable long-lasting effect. This is like bone plastic surgery, as well as implantation. The bone plastic surgery is possible in two options: increase of projection – augmentation and decrease – reduction.

Increase of cheekbones

Bone plastic surgeries aimed at the osteotomy and moving own bone in a more forward position which changes the relief of the cheekbones area.

Increase of cheekbones with implants

Currently, there is a huge number of different implants for contouring plastic surgery of the cheekbones. This variety applies both for materials from which the implant is made, and shapes as well as sizes offered by the manufacturers.

In standard cases I am using polyethylene implants - MEDPOR or OMNIPORE.


Advantages: bio-inertness, the capability to germinate connective tissue capsule, correction of different sizes and shapes with a scalpel during the surgery if it is required.

As for the sizes of implants: the choice is determined by the clinical situation, the initial state and the wishes of the patient.

Reducing malarplasty

Always bone plastic surgery since to reduce the projection of the cheekbones is to reduce the volume of the bone. Surfacing in the case of a small volume of the cheekbones or the second option – osteotomy of the bone.


Surgery is carrying out from two accesses: intraoral and access from the ear or from the hair part of the scalp. A sawn piece of bone has to be «put» inside to achieve greater occlusion in the cheekbones area and reduce the projection, to change the relief.

What is going on with the skin, will it droop?

The trick is that during the plastic surgery of the cheekbones moving of the bone is made not only inside, but also upward. Due to this, we lift the bone fragments and those soft tissues which are attached to it are also lifted. There is no drooping in this case.

All surgeries are carrying out with intraoral access.

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