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Jaw extension

- effective tool in the collection of possibilities as for an orthodontist as well as for a maxillofacial surgeon. Carrying out a small relatively low-traumatic surgery opens us significant opportunities to a radical change of the shape of the dentition, creating space in it. Opportunities for extension are significant, and the result is stable.

There are currently no alternative options for this technique.


- cross bite in the lateral part with narrowing of the jaw (bilateral and unilateral);

- lack of space: the closed position, the significant position of front teeth;

- deformation of the alveolar ridge and the upper dentition;

- «cheek corridors»: gaps between side teeth and cheeks on a wide smile;

- condition after uranoplasty in patients with cleft palate.

Examination before surgery:

– Taking dental impressions to obtain models of jaws to evaluate the lack of space in the dentition;

– A side TRG (teleroentgenogram on side projection), it allows to determine the angle of incisors;

– A computerized tomography (CT) scan to assess the condition of the periodontal, position of roots of teeth and the severity of their inclination and other features of the anatomical structure of bones, its structure, thickness; the ratio of teeth in the dentition and between it; last but not least pathological changes.


Taking into account the short duration of the surgery (7-10 minutes) and minimal blood loss, the main factor determining the time of a patient’s discharge is the well-being after anesthesia.

• The swelling will increase during the first 3 days after the surgery, and decrease from the 4th;

• A few days the nose may bleed – this is the process of cleaning the sinuses, so you will need to actively wash the nose with saline solutions;

• Apply cold during the first 3 days after the surgery;

• Limit hot food and drinks for 2 days;

• Limit solid food;

• Limit physical activities and thermal procedures for 3-4 weeks;

• Abundant irrigation of the oral cavity with herbal infusions (up to 3 liters per day);

How long should I wear a distractor?

The time of unwinding a «screw» is determined individually, the one has to wear inactive hardware twice as long as unwinding.

расширение верхней челюсти

The expansion of the upper jaw, the bracket system is installed. We have received an even dentition, wide smile and stable result.

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